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How long are the skating sessions?

Our skating sessions run on the hour and are 45 minutes long. The 15-minute interval between sessions is used to monitor the ice and resurface if required.

What time should I arrive before my skating session?

If you have pre-booked your skating tickets online, you can take them straight to skate exchange. We advise arriving at the skate exchange to get your skates at least 20 minutes before your session during busy times. This is to ensure you receive your full 45 minutes on the ice, you need to allow plenty of time to collect your skates and to ensure they are fitted correctly. If you need any assistance fitting your skates, please speak to a member of staff.

Is there a minimum age for ice skating?

There is not a minimum age, however small children must be able to walk confidently unassisted and be capable of supporting themselves on the skating aids.

Do I have to buy an adult ticket if my child is skating?

Children aged 8 and under must always be accompanied on the ice by a ticket-holding adult. Children 9 – 12 years of age with a child ticket may skate without a parent or guardian on the ice but must always be supervised from a public viewing area.

If I'm not skating is there a spectator’s area?

Yes - you can view the ice rink on the other side of the rink barriers.

Are skating aids available?

Yes, we have a limited number of skating aids that are available to hire (on a first come first serve basis) on the day from the Box Office - £4 each. Skating aids are for children 1.4m tall and under. If you are unsure your child is 1.4m tall or below, please use the measuring sign available at the event before purchasing.

Do I pay extra for skates?

Skate hire is included in the ticket price.

What size skates are available?

Our skates go from a baby size 4 (double bladed skate) up to an adult size 15. If your child is child size 9 or below, please ensure they have a good pair of shoes with them for the double-bladed skate to clip over.

Can I wear my own skates?

Yes, skate hire is included in your ticket price but you are welcome to wear your own hockey or figure skates. Your shoes can be stored at the skate exchange or in the lockers at the venue.

What should I wear?

Even though we are under cover, the ice rink can be very cold so we suggest warm clothing, gloves and a good pair of thick socks!

Can tricks be performed on the ice?

It is a municipal ice rink and caters for all ages and abilities. The ice rink is not for professional use, and as such skating at speed, skating backwards, tricks and acrobatic manoeuvres are not permitted. This is for the safety of all skaters.

Are there rules to follow when skating on the ice rink?

Yes. We have a list of Do’s and Don’ts which are displayed around the rink and can be viewed here.

Is it real ice?

Yes, the ice rink is real ice which is created using our rapid freeze technology. The ice rink is a municipal temporary rink, and as such is not intended for professional use. The ice surface is checked between each session for quality and safety, and if necessary resurfaced. The ice can either be dry or wet and both types are perfectly suitable for skating. During busy sessions, the ice surface can become rutted due to the action of skating. Please ensure that you are skating in a suitable manner, always keeping a look out for ice conditions and other skaters.

Is wet ice dangerous?

No. Climatic conditions can cause wet ice. Calm cold days should mean the surface will remain dry. Wind across the surface of the ice causes friction, which warms the ice surface, resulting in a wet surface on top of the ice. There is a roof canopy over the ice rink to prevent closure by rain. If the ice surface is wet, this does not make it unsafe to skate on, although you may get wet if you fall over. Please remember that ice, by its very nature, is a slippery surface, and that slips, and falls do happen.

Can wheelchair users go on the ice?

The ice rink is wheelchair accessible. Manual wheelchairs are permitted on the ice, but no electric wheelchairs due to control issues.

Do you provide skating lessons?

We do not provide skating lessons, but we can point you in the right direction for lesson if you'd like them!

Can I book the entire ice rink for a private party?

Yes, depending on availability! We have a great group discount of 10% for groups of 10 more but if you want to go all out and have exclusive hire of the whole ice rink this is possible. Email all your details to info@icescape-warrington.co.uk.

How sharp are the skate blades?

The skate blade is sharpened to a certain hollow profile and does not present as a sharp edge blade. This profile offers more grip/bite on the ice and is best for a municipal ice rink. All our skates have been professionally sharpened and are regularly checked and inspected.


How can I book tickets?

You can book online by clicking here or at the Box Office next to the ice rink when the event is running. We recommend booking online to avoid disappointment, especially during busy periods like the weekends.

How do we receive our tickets?

E-tickets are issued to the email that is provided at the time of booking. Please print off the e-ticket, or bring along your smartphone and present it to the staff at the Skate Exchange.

Can we add additional attendees to our booking?

Bookings cannot be guaranteed to be amended once they have been made. If you would like to add additional tickets to your booking, consult the Box Office on site where our staff will do their best to accommodate your requirements and take payment as appropriate. Or email info@icescape-warrington.co.uk with your query at least 24 hours before your session starts.

Can we buy tickets on the day?

Our online booking system allows you to reserve a slot up to one hour in advance. Bookings can be made on site at our Box Office for that day or advanced bookings.

Can I get a refund for my booking?

We do not offer refunds for bookings. If you are no longer able to attend your booked time slot, please inform us in advance and our staff will do their best to find a convenient slot for you.


Is there food & drink available?

As well as the numerous bars and restaurants at Golden Square, there is also hot food stalls and a bar serving a range of food, desserts and drinks located next to the ice rink.


I have a car - where do I park?

Golden Square has over 1700 parking spaces. The closest car park to the ice rink is the Red Zone. Click here for more information.

I don't have a car – where is the nearest public transport?

Icescape Warrington is easily accessible by public transport. See our 'Getting Here' page for advice.

Is there a first aid point?

Yes – there is a first aid room on site. A medic will also be on site during all skate sessions.

Can I store my belongings e.g coat, bag or buggy?

You can store your shoes when skating at the skating exchange. For security reasons, we cannot accept any other personals belongings at the Skate Exchange. There are a limited number of lockers available to use for a £1 rental fee where you can store personal items.

What about extreme weather?

All extreme weather events that affect the safe operation of the event are monitored. The wind speed ratings of the structures determine the safe operating wind speeds for the event. In high winds, management may decide, for safety reasons to close and cancel sessions. At this time customers who were unable to skate shall be offered an alternative session to skate.

Is there CCTV at the venue?

CCTV is in use across the whole venue. Images are recorded 24 hours a day for safety, security and insurance purposes. The ice rink itself is covered by CCTV cameras, all accidents that occur on the ice are captured on high definition CCTV cameras for protecting the organisers against fraudulent claims.

I have lost a personal item – what can I do?

Please inform management that you have lost a personal item. We do recover and keep (for a limited time) all lost and found property. Management are not responsible for the loss or theft of personal property. Items that have been collected in lost property after a period of 21 days, and not returned to or recovered by the owner shall be disposed of. Management will not be held responsible for any loss or damage, however incurred, of personal items.

Can I smoke or vape in the venue?

Smoking and or vaping/e-cigarettes are not permitted at the ice rink.

Are dogs allowed into the venue?

No dogs are permitted inside the venue (except assistance dogs).

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